Breathing Apparatus User

At Phoenix Safety Services, we can provide you and your delegates with life-saving skills through our various safety training programmes that prepare people for emergency situations. We offer a range of general first aid training and specific health and safety courses (such as breathing apparatus user training), that cover a range of subject areas and implement practical exercises to give those studying a comprehensive understanding of the skills they require to react in a medical emergency.

Our breathing apparatus user training is specifically designed for workers who are required to access environments where breathing is difficult and unsafe, giving them the skills to competently utilise self-contained breathing apparatus or airline breathing apparatus. During the course, our tutors will provide delegates with the practical knowledge they require to carry out pre-use checks for equipment integrity, donning procedures, wearer checks and usage. The course will cover:

  • An introduction to the definition of breathing apparatus
  • Set and cylinder construction
  • After-use care
  • Record keeping
  • Breathing apparatus storage
  • Health and hygiene   

As part of your assessment, you will undertake a practical wearer exercise and undergo a written test to ensure that you have correctly understood and learned everything you need to take from the breathing apparatus user course. Upon successful completion of this assessment and course, you will receive a Phoenix Safety certificate of competence.

Phoenix Safety offers breathing apparatus user and other confined safety training courses all over the UK, covering cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Wirral, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dudley, Wigan, Coventry, Belfast, Leicester, Sunderland, Doncaster, Stockport and many more.

We are proud to be one of the best specialised providers of health and safety training and breathing apparatus user training courses in the UK. We also offer additional courses and provide tuition in additional areas such as food hygiene, first aid, stress, environment and courses for professional trainers.   

Talk to us today about how we can create bespoke health and safety courses to suit the needs of your delgates and business. Our trainers are all qualified in health and safety and selected for their depth of knowledge and ‘hands-on’ experience to ensure that courses always stay relevant and engaging. Whatever your budget and however many people you’d like us to train, we have breathing apparatus user training courses to suit your requirements. Get in touch with us today.    

Management of Confined Space Training

At Phoenix Safety Services, we offer training on the management of confined spaces. Confined space training is very critical in any working environment. This is because there are various risks you are exposed to with little chance of a quick escape. It would, therefore, be in your best interest to consider this training.

What do We Hope to Achieve with Our Training Program?

For you to work comfortably while still achieving your work productivity, it is essential to understand the hazards and risks that are posed by confined spaces. Once you have understood the risks, you can take various safety measures to manage the work in confined spaces.

What Does the Management of Confined Space Training Entail?

The course takes one day to complete upon which a Phoenix Safety certificate is awarded to successful trainees.

The structure of the training is as described below:

  • An overview of the current legislation.
  • The definition of a confined space
  • A breakdown of your duties as the employer or the employee.
  • Confined space accidents
  • Confined space hazards and risks
  • Risk assessment/control measures
  • Safe system of work/permit to work
  • Emergency planning and communication
  • Equipment demonstration: escape BA; gas monitoring; tripod & harness
  • Syndicate exercise
  • Written test paper

As a manager or an employee, it is critical for you to know how to manage any risks you or your employees are exposed to. For you to competently and adequately do so, it is imperative that you undergo the management of confined space training. Undergoing our training will be a great opportunity that will leave you better informed and equipped.

Gas Freeing Confined Spaces Course

Phoenix Safety Services offers a gas freeing confined spaces course that is specifically designed for you as a manager, team leader, or safety advisor. The necessity of the course applies to anyone working or who has a responsibility for gas freeing confined spaces. We offer the course as part of a Permit to work or as a safety procedure.

What Primary Goal do we Hope to Achieve?

It is critical as a worker to understand your duties and responsibilities under the specified regulations. And this will enable you to implement and adopt the most suitable method of checking the gas in a confined space and freeing it.

What is the Course Structure?

We have structured the course suitably to make it easier to understand and more interesting. The course involves the following topics:

  • Overview of current legislation
  • Duties of the employer & employee
  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Use of Gas detection equipment
  • Use of Rescue harness & lifting equipment
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Selection & use of PPE
  • Safe system of work/Permit to work
  • Emergency communications/procedures
  • Practical exercise/assessment

At the completion of the course, you will be required to take part in a practical exercise that involves the use of standard gas check methods. You will also take up a written test after which a Phoenix Safety Certificate of competence will be awarded after completion of the course.

Understanding the various safety measures and precautions that you should take gives you greater control over your working environment. It makes you more secure and increases your productivity.

Confined Space Regulations 1997-An Awareness

Confined Space Regulations 1997-An Awareness

What Does the Law Stipulate?

Every organization that operates in confined workspace should ensure they comply with the government of UK Confined Space Regulations-1997. This regulation stipulates that the first step during risk assessment is to determine the measures to avoid when working in confined spaces. When a risk is identified, the work can only continue if a safety system is secured allowing the workers to keep working in the confined space.

What We Offer

Here at Phoenix Safety Services, we guide your workers and provide skills that help them understand the duties and the safety measures that must be upheld when working in confined spaces. We ensure that the delegates understand what “Confined Space” means and that they are conversant with the hazards related to working in confined spaces.

The Content of the Course

  • Expound on Confined Space Regulations 1997 and Associated Legislation
  • Hazard Identification
  • Key Duties
  • Preventing Entry
  • Safe Entry
  • Emergency Planning/Communication
  • Training
  • Selection and Use of Safety Equipment
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Group Exercise
  • Written Test


The course is conducted by use of visual presentation, theoretical illustrations and practical demonstrations. A Phoenix Safety certificate of attendance is offered after the course completion.




Emergency Response Team Training

Hire Emergency Response Team Training

We offer bespoke and accredited Emergency Response Training Course to businesses that have an Emergency response team. Since we have a wide range of clients, we provide unique training based on your workplace. This course is both suitable for employees who provide emergency support as well as personnel who enter confined spaces. We only admit persons who have had earlier confined space training.

Do You Need Emergency Response Training?

Phoenix Emergency Response Team Training is aimed at ensuring maximum safety for individuals who work on high-risk site. This training will come in handy when one needs to respond to potential incidents. It is essential that in the case that these incidents occur, the safety of the workers and the assets are handled in the most professional way possible.

Why Phoenix Safety Services?

We offer additional and essential knowledge that will help your team professionally respond to emergency incidents that can occur in confined working spaces. As part of the course, we will offer a practical assessment to the workers and ensure that everyone is conversant with dealing with confined space emergencies. A Phoenix Safety Certificate is offered to the successful candidates upon completing the course.

What Are the Topics Covered?

We ensure that the training is compatible with the set up of your workplace and we will have a team visit your company before embarking on the course.

Some of the topics covered include;

  • Hazard Identification
  • Emergency Planning/Communication
  • Use and Management of BA teams
  • Control Measures
  • Search & Rescue Techniques
  • Team Equipment
  • Dealing with Casualties
  • Group Exercise
  • Practical Exercise/ Assessment
  • Written Test

Confined Space Training Courses – UK

Phoenix Safety Services are able to provide Confined Space Training Courses in the UK. According to the HSE 15 people in the UK are killed in confined spaces each year with many more seriously injured. This statistic covers a wide variety of industries and it not just applicable to people within the space but also people who are tasked with a rescue attempt.


Now you must be reading this thinking how does this happen? How can someone in a confined space be in risk of losing their life? Many reasons can be attributed to this but the main reason is down to no safe system of work established, this has resulted in unsupervised workers entering dangerous enclosed spaces without any tests/inspections being carried out before hand. This means  there is no way to determine whether any special tools, lighting or breathing apparatus’s are needed before entry.


According to the confined spaces regulations 1997, as an employer you are responsible for the sufficient assessment of any potential low/medium/high risks for all work activities and must be able to identify and implement controls to minimise any potential risks. The procedure most companies adapt for this is the introduction of risk assessments which assess any potential risks and measures the level of risk (Low/Medium/High) and what steps you should take to reduce the severity of the risk.


To make sure that the nominated persons you have tasked with supervising or entering a confined space are doing so in line with confined spaces regulations 1997, appropriate training is essential. This gives the person responsible for the task the knowledge needed to deliver in the most safest way possible.


Phoenix Safety Services offers Confined Space Training Courses in the UK with training centres located all over the country in places such as Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Chester, Blackburn, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham etc.


We are able to provide a wide range of course in confined spaces, as shown below:


City And Guilds Confined Spaces Entry

Duration: 1 – 3 Days


Location: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)



The City and Guilds of London Institute is one of the most widely respected education organisations in the UK, they have developed a course with support from the HSE.


The course covers one of the following:

•      6150-01Low Risk Confined Spaces Water – 1 day

A quick course compared to most we have on offer, this confined space course covers spaces with basic unrestricted access, satisfactory ventilation and a small risk of change to the environment e.g. meter pits, prv chambers etc.

  • 6150-2 Medium Risk Confined Spaces Water – 2 Days

A course and assessment which covers entry into deep chambers with the potential involvement of traverse work. Examples may include man entry sewers, manholes, utility service subway tunnels, aqueducts, complex wet wells etc

  • 6150-03 High Risk Confined Spaces Water – 3 Days

This is a 3 day course with an assessment for staff who may be part of a rescue team, in order to qualify for the course you must have attended the 6510-03 training course.


Entry Into Confined Spaces Training Course

Duration: 2 Day or 1 Day (Refresher)


Location: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: This practice training course provides you with the skills and knowledge to be able to enter safely into confined spaces and deal with any risks presented upon entry. This course is for delegates who are entering a space which has been deemed safe to enter without the need of a breathing apparatus.


Managing Confined Spaces Safety

Duration: 1 Day


Location: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: The course has been designed to help managers, team leaders, safety advisors among many develop the knowledge and ability to get to know what they’re responsible for under the Confined Space Regulations 1997. This will help delegates easily identify and nutrilise hazards and risks with the use of safe systems of work that help with the safe management of works in confined spaces.



Gas Freeing Confined Spaces Course

Duration: 1 Day


Location: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: A course mostly taken by managers and professionals, our gas freeing confined spaces course aims to provide delegate with the skills and knowledge on how to carry out tasks that are in line with the Confined Space Regulations 1998 and the correct approach for checking/freeing gas in a confined space.



Emergency Response Team Training

Duration: 1 Day


Locations: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: The course is for anyone who is part of a emergency support team and offers back-up for any personnel who enter a confined space. In order to be eligible for this course, you must hold an in date certificate for the use of a Breathing Apparatus. The course objective is to provide delegates the knowledge to carry out safe emergency responses to incidents that may happen when working in a confined space.


Breathing Apparatus User

Duration: 1 Day


Locations: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: If you are entering any environments that are not safe to breath then you must have use of a breathing apparatus, this course provides you with the skills to carry out checks and shows the correct procedures when applying a breathing apparatus.

Confined Space Regulations 1997 An Awareness

Duration: 4 Hours


Locations: UK Including the North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Blackpool, Chester) and North East (Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham)


Description: The course provides a more detailed understanding of the Confined Space Regulations 1997 and how you can develop the skills required to put the correct procedure in place.




If you would like to book a confined spaces training course at one of our many training facilities in the UK then please either give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and we will get in touch ASAP.







IOSH Managing Safely in Liverpool

According to the HSE a total 144 people died in the workplace in 2017/18, this is a shocking statistic that needs to be improved. The reason for this figure is seen to be down to a number of factors including a lack of appropriate management and awareness of risks.


The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) are the worlds largest health and safety membership organisation and they have developed high quality training courses which are aimed at sharing the knowledge of Health and Safety worldwide.


IOSH Managing Safely:

The IOSH Managing Safely training course have been designed to train managers and professionals on the complexities of Health and Safety management. The course which runs 4 to 5 days includes the ability to identify potential risks and finding ways of controlling the risks, these are done through risk assessments which through the use of a simple scoring system with provides a 1-10 rating on the severity of the risk and what measures are needed to reduce the risk rating.


Understanding what potential hazards could surround you in whatever industry is paramount to understanding safety as a whole because without knowing the risk how are you able to identity and control them? Being able to have knowledge about risks such as Asbestos, Fire, Noise, Manual Handling, Slips & Trips, vibration etc.


When accidents happen it is important that investigations are carried out to prevent the accident from happening again. If the accident is applicable to one of the below points then a report must be issued to the HSE within either 10 or 15 days depending on the severity of the injury:

  • accidents resulting in the death of any person
  • accidents resulting in specified injuries to workers
  • non-fatal accidents requiring hospital treatment to non-workers and
  • dangerous occurrences


We are also able to offer a more detailed understanding of the legalities and how to follow the law correctly to reduce the risk of any legal action which can have devastating effects on any business.


At the end of the course, you will be tasked with two 45 minute long assessments along with a practical assessment to test your gained knowledge.


IOSH Working Safely:

Along with our IOSH Managing Safely Course, we offer an IOSH Working Safely Course which is a bit different, the course lasts one to two days and covers Health and Safety which you may encounter while working and what steps you can take to avoid potential hazards.


This course is perfect for members of staff who aren’t in charge of managing Health and Safety and just need a general understanding of the subject to make them aware of the risks, we urge the



Phoenix safety solutions have a number of training venues throughout the UK including the North West with a venue in Liverpool, for any booking enquiries either give us a call or fill out our enquiry form

Forge company fined after worker killed

A hot metal forging company has today been sentenced for safety breaches following the death of a worker.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how, on 17 July 2015, a four-man crew were engaged in producing metal parts from alloy cylinders weighing around 20kg. The alloy was particularly resilient and it was decided that the 50cwt pressurised hammer would be used in the process. This was the heaviest hammer available to the crew.

Billy Fairweather, 35, was acting as the first man in the crew and it was his job to move the alloy on the anvil using tongs between hammer strikes until it was forged into the desired shape. Due to the small size of the workpiece and the large size of the hammer, it was necessary for him to be positioned low down on one knee and close to the hammer.

The incident occurred when the hammer was brought down when the alloy was not properly seated on the anvil, striking it with a glancing blow rather than a direct impact. This caused the alloy piece to be ejected from the anvil at great speed. It struck Mr Fairweather in the chest causing massive injuries, from which he sadly died.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the company had failed to allocate the job to the correct hammer and crew, and failed to properly assess the risks involved with hammering small components on large hammers. The investigation also found the company failed to provide a safe system of work that considered communication and which allowed line of sight of the work piece.

Abbey Forged Products Ltd, of Beeley wood Lane, Sheffield, pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and was fined £500,000 with £23,756.47 cost.

After the hearing, HSE inspector Carol Downes commented: “This tragic incident could easily have been prevented if the employer had acted to identify and manage the risks involved, put a safe system of work in place, and to ensure that the job was allocated to the appropriate equipment.

“Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

Safety Training Courses: IOSH Managing Safely Glasgow

Phoenix safety proudly offers IOSH Managing Safely, a that course equips delegates such as managers, supervisors and any representative for workplace health and safety with the know-how and skills that are needed to manage all aspects of Health & Safety within their business. We’re one of the top 5 providers of IOSH-approved training in Glasgow and in the UK, and are one of the first providers of the new Managing Safely course. We do not believe in death by powerpoint and truly focus on really getting people involved, having fun, as this is the best way to achieve health and safety training success.

If you are based ind the Glasgow area, IOSH managing Safely is Suitable for directors, managers and supervisors, our 4 or 5-day course is split into eight modules. These key modules are comprised of risk assessing, legal responsibilities, auditing and environmental impact. This course will conclude with two assessments. A 45-minute closed book assessment of around 20 questions and a practical assessment consisting of a workplace project related to the delegates own workplace.

In our specially designed interactive IOSH managing safely course, you’ll find a practical program, full of step-by-step guidance, and a sharp business focus. Managing safely is for Managers, Supervisors and Safety Representatives who require the tools to tackle health and safety problems in their workplace.

The Managing Safely training course is controlled by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) – the chartered body for Health & Safety professionals and successful candidates will receive their very own IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

Learn more about our IOSH Managing Safely Glasgow course and what it entails.

Gas Freeing Confined Spaces Courses Manchester

Are you  currently in need of gas freeing confined space training course? Based in the Manchester area? Here at Phoenix safety, we offer industry leading training to suit your health and safety requirements. Our courses are aimed at supervisors, managers, team leaders, safety advisers and anyone who has been given the responsibility for gas freeing confined spaces as part of safety procedure or permit to work system. Gas Freeing Confined Spaces Courses Manchester is synonymous with Phoenix safety.

What makes Phoenix safety stand out from the competition is that our specially designed training courses have given us the freedom to provide a high quality, bespoke training experience to delegates country wide at a pace that suits them,

It is essential to receive proper gas freeing confined space training is a legal requirement under domestic law. Specifically, the health and safety at work act of 1974. This essentially translates that employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees and others.

If you would like to find out more about confined spaces legislation, visit the page here.

What can I expect?

The course has been designed to provide participants with the correct knowledge and skillset to fully understand their duties and responsibilities under the confined space regulations act of 1998 as well as observing the correct methods and procedures involved in safely gas checking or freeing in a confined space this course not only helps to avoid catastrophe, it saves lives.

Why chose confined space training with Phoenix safety

When it comes to the safety of your workforce it’s best to go with the experts. At Phoenix safety all of our trainers brings many years of real life experience together into a program perfectly designed to ensure that you are truly getting the best training services possible. Phoenix safety works with big and small companies alike in a huge range of backgrounds and it is our goal to work with you to enhance your practical skills that can be used everyday.

This is done by providing a hands on, practical learning experience using the full range of standard gas check methods in order to equip delegates with the best learning experience possible. We back this up with a written test to ensure that the theory is fully understood these are available as a single or three-day training course.

Upon completing our gas freeing in confined spaces course, Phoenix safety presents a certificate of competence to successful delegates.