Phoenix Safety Services are universally acknowledged to be one of the best specialised providers in the field of Health & Safety Training Courses. We also offer training in areas other than health & safety such as environment, food hygiene, professional trainers and stress.

In the main we do not offer standard “off-the-shelf” training. Through our wide and varied experiences of working in safety and training for large organisations we recognised that what companies and individuals want from their training, is training that is targeted to suit
their needs. Therefore, at Phoenix Safety Services we provide bespoke tailored training for most of our clients.

The quality and experience of our trainers is second to none. We select our trainers from hands-on industrial / office positions so that they can provide first hand experience, which makes the courses ‘come alive’ and relevant. Our trainers are also qualified in health & safety as well as being qualified as professional trainers.

Most of our courses are run on client’s premises. This keeps your cost and inconvenience to a minimum.

We also run ‘open’ courses across a range of subjects for individuals and clients who cannot release delegates in sufficient numbers to run a full course. These are run at venues across the country.

If you cannot find the course you want in the following pages, give us a call as we can still probably meet your needs.

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